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i hope things are going back to normal with you. i checked on your photoblog the day after the typhoon and yup, it was down. awesome pictures, btw.


Good luck, Sidney. After going through that last year (Katrina), I know it's not easy. Take care.


i wish everything come back to normal soon...i know how difficult to live w/o electric and water:-( btw yr bw photos r really the tone and lot of character and meaning - they shown many stories and emotion:-))


Hopefully everything will be restored soon! Take care of yourself, Sidney.

Wim van der Meij

I again enjoyed your B&W images of the waterlife and the fishermen. I also love the shape of the boats they are using.
Good luck with all the problems from the typhoon!


I hope you get things sorted out soon - such a terrible disaster.


nice shots of Laguna

miss my hometown Paete...will also post pics of the lakeside in my blog

where in Laguna (or rizal) do you call home?


Seeing Anew

Somehow this typhoon didn't get into our news. I'm glad you are all right and hope that things are drying out (especially any camera equipment)!


Sidney, unfortunately this isn't even making a peep of news over here. Thanks for keeping us posted, for the wonderful pictures as always. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hope everything is okay.


sorry about the storm, I love these shots of people looking up from their canoes


hi sidney,

i'm so glad that the storm is over. the power failure and water shortage was terrible.

power has resumed so i'm back to blogging again. i surely missed it during the extended power failure.

glad to know you're alright. yes, it's sad that many have been tragically affected by the typhoon. many have lost their homes, valuables and worse, some have been injured and some have lost their loved ones during the wrath of milenyo.

i'm grateful that my family is safe.

take care,

Ladybug's Leaf

Hi Sidney - I'm sorry to hear about your problems over there! I hope everything is back to normal soon.

What a beautiful series this is . . . that second portrait from the bottom is especially beautiful!


our neighborhood is fortunate that electricity was back on the eve of the typhoon.

i hope all goes well with you.

take care!


and neighbors) are fortunate that electricity was back on the eve of the typhoon. i hope all goes well with you soon.

take care!

charles ravndal

I heard about the typhoon here in the news. Hope things are well with you there


I hope that all's well over at your end Sidney.



Hope you're doing well. Take care Sidney.


Heard about the typhoon. Keep safe and hopefully you get access to water soon. That's the most difficult part!


Wish you the best of luck, hope things get back to normal soon!

Otto K.

Good luck, Sidney, to you and all of your neighbors.


Take care Sidney. Good to hear you're safe and well. Look forward to catching up once normality has been restored.


Back to basics :-) I keep my thumbs up for getting internet again soon.


I see that most of you guys there are having problems with no electricity and water. Just like my Mom told me through SMS that in Cavite, no water and electricity there. And yes, she told me that she and my brother have not taken a bath since Thursday.

Hang in there all of you. Somehow God will provide help there back home in the Philippines.

Mike Dougan

So sorry to hear of your dilemma, I thought we were bad when I had to spend a night on the floor (in an attempt to stay cool). Eventually got power back at 5AM Friday, and I was already smelling bad by then!! My next purchase is a generator!! never again!


Hang in there, Sydney!

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